tiistai, 3. huhtikuu 2012

: )

I suppose quite many of you have already realized we no longer post downloads. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that because of spam comments it is now impossible to comment on any of our post. So, we can't answer your questions : <

Thanks for downloading our stuff : D


sunnuntai, 4. joulukuu 2011

Thanks + Fake it!

First of all I'd like to thank you for commenting on our blog. We've had a major spam problem : < That's why we haven't answered for comments. Anyways, here is a new set of mine.



Enjoy : )!

tiistai, 9. elokuu 2011

AF BermudaJeans by Susiprinsessa

I'm back in business! Do you like the new layout? I hope you do! I made these shorts for Adult Female and I made in on Sims 2  Nightlife's bermuda short mesh, so you don't have to download any meshes, lucky! The shotst are kinda low (on purpose, I don't like the Granny style, so) so you probably need a long shirt that'll go with these pants. The leather jacket that is below is by AtomicSpaceKitty @ GoS, looks really good with them so I encourage you to download that too!


If you have any wishes or you want to recolor my items, please leave a message!

torstai, 4. elokuu 2011

Season Street 12 by Valokarhu

Click the list to see what this download includes. The best part of this download is that this is completely default-free lot. No mailbox or trashcan recolors : )


keskiviikko, 4. toukokuu 2011

Daniel by Susiprinsessa


He's a hardcore bad ass who starts his mornings by waking baking and he likes to hook up some girls at the local bar on Saturday evenings. As you will notice he's a total douche but hey, at least he has some attitude and he knows how to dougie!