Let me present you my latest sim, Viola. She is totally different than Bambi witch I released months ago. At first I have to say that the pics I'm going to show you, are barely edited. The pic upper this text is the most edited of all.

Viola is very child-loving and tender sim who just love to cook and cook all day long. She has her own, specially style and Viola doesn't really care what's high fashion at the moment or what is just sooo yesterday. Nowadays she lives alone in her small basement apartment. Maybe she is waiting her true love... I think.

Here is the CC- list where you can see what comes with Viola. All the meshes and stuff is included, except the stuff in the first, edited pic. You will need Garden and Mansion stuffpack or just use Cleanistaller to install her properly.  Here you go and hey, thanks for downloading and please, remember the rules!