Hey! Whats up : )? So, here I am with a new thing for you to download! Did you knew that I have made 4 downloads while Susiprinsessa has made 10? Quite a difference : DD Sometimes I hope that my lc (Lc Ivanova) wouldn't take so much time : <<


I loved to do this set because I like scars and bruises (not in real life, only in The Sims 2 :D). So now all of your war heroes, troublemakers and dons can have a new nice look! If you like this set, download (link below) : ). Actually, this set contains only two masks, so maybe I shouldn't call it set... Oh, by the way, you can see non-edited pic here.

I'll need to tell you one thing about this set. It may not look good with dark skintones, because I made it for pale skintones. I could've made it for all the skintones (entire scar-part would've been red), but it hadn't been so realistic. I just thought it's better to do a good download than do a bad one, eventhough it would work with all the skintones.


(I've always thought that big letters look tasteless. And I still think so :DD) Please, comment : D