Hello guys! First I have to say that I was really amaszed when I saw your comments! You made my day... Even that I'm not quite satisfyid with the lot I wanted to give it to you. So I'm sorry if some of the people just don't simply like it, but you have to remember that some of them do. That's the reason why I put it as a download. So, because of your lovely comments I'm going to give you the download link! I will place it in the post where it was supposed to be, I hope you enjoy! I'm also going to answer to some question that you have been asking lately...

Edit: I'm having some technical issues and I can't find the lot from my mediafire- folder... It just takes some time, sorry folks!

Q: I'm trying to download your lots but I don't get the stuff! What did I do wrong?

A: You should really open your eyes and read the text that is in here. To get those lot with all the stuff you have to do something for us. As an example, we need an account to Yagisims. If you are able to do that for us, we will send you a link to the furnished lot.

Q: Can you put some pictures of the floor plan?

A: I'm terrible sorry but I'm not able to do that. See, I'm in the USA now and my game is in Finland. I have a plenty of downloads that made in August 2010 just before I let.. So these downloads that are made by me are actually kinda old...

Q: Why I don't get lots and your simmies into my game?

A: Again, I have to ask you to open your eyes. Here is a tutorial I made almost year ago. If you want to get our lots and sims into your game you have to have all the expansion pack that we have OR you have to use cleaninstaller to install them properly, otherwise they are not going to work. If you don't know what cleaninstaller is, please, google it. And, if my tutorial is hard to undestand or anything, the best way to solve the problem is to try to solve it yourself. When I started to download lots, I didn't know how to do it either but I just needed to find it out. So, there's plenty of great sites in internet that have marvelous tutorials how to do them. So if my help is not enough, please use your own head :-)

Q: Why do you want people to leave comments for you? That's stupid!

A: Well, you know, you should really try to do your own site and put some stuff there. Then you will nothing how sad it's when people just not say anything. I think that simply "I like" or "I don't like" is enough. But yeah, maube we are stupid, but it's your stuff :-D You don't have to be here if you don't want to.

And because Christmas is coming soon, we are also going to give some GREAT Christmas presents (sort of)! Just wanted to mention that to you :-)

Susiprinsessa, Crackland