Tatatataadaaa! Have you been naughty this year? I hope you're not because this Christmas I'm sharing some old goods - Which means that now you can have my first lot, In middle of nowhere, for free with all the shiny and coll stuff and you don't have to do anything! I hope you like it!  And if you wanna make me really, really happy, please write a comment. Oh, by the way, this lot is only gonna be availevable for this Christmas, so be fast if you wanna get it!

Lemme so show you some pictures...

...So, lets go to the kitchen, my favourite room of this cottage.

...In the end of the room there's a small space for housekeeping.

...Next room is the bathroom. Beware, lots of shiny colors!

...As tiny as usual. Next I'm going to show you a place where my sims eat their lunch. Yes, the diningroom.

...And houseowner's little bedroom.

...And, in my style, a teeny guestroom for visitors like granma or something.

So what do you think? Please leave a comment and tell usyour opinion.


 And be fast because the lot is only available for this Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!