Florence never knew what to do with her life. Before she even noticed she run out of money and had no place where to go. Dancing career in a club nearby her rundown apartment isn't exactly what she used to dream of. But after all - it could be worse.

Dreaming of an ordinary life is all Florence can think of. Life in a suburb with a husband and a few kids is too unrealistic dream. It could never come true.

What happens to Florence? Will she ever find her mister Dream-Come-True? Or a new job? Download Florence and invent the rest of the story : D I wanted to make a sim which resembles Bambi because Susiprinsessa's Bambi is so sweet : ) In the end Florence turned out to be something quite different (Better? Worse? Don't know : D) Anyways, even if you wouldn't download Florence, I hope you liked to watch the pictures (it was fun to edit them).

Everything else on the sim includes except the brown hair (I just wanted to show you what Florence looks like without all the makeup). If you use Florence somewhere, link us back.